Advanced product details management


Multichannel management / Omnichannel support

Using FUTURAMO PIM software it is not a problem to distribute any kind of product or product group information to different output media channels, including electronic and traditional media. You can easy differentiate any product or product group information and then deploy it to chosen media channels. You can easy distribute any product or product group information to electronic media channels, e.g.: e-commerce, web sites, mobile or you can also distribute it for traditionally using, e.g.: printing product catalog or printing product information card. Multichannel management (omnichannel support) enables you also delivering your chosen product information to your business partners or own sales network to make easier marketing and sales of products. But the most important is that all this product information can be automatically prepared and defined for suitable media channel.

Innovative software

Efficient process of finding, identifying, locating and using your assets.
FUTURAMO Asset Management Software PIM
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