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What is Product Data Management (PDM)

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Product Data Management (PDM) is a process responsible for management and publication of product data. It is a part of product lifestyle management (PLM), but the focus is on managing and tracking the creation, change and maintenance of all information related to a product. The use of Product Data Management (PDM) allows a company to track the various costs associated with the creation and launch of a product. Product Data Management (PDM) means the use of software or other tools to track and control data related to a particular product. The data tracked usually involves the technical specifications of the product, specifications for manufacture and development, and the types of materials that will be required to produce goods. In some way it corresponds with Product Information Management (PIM), but PIM is rather designed for storing and managing products information, necessary for selling goods within multi distribution channels, while PDM is designed for storing products information, necessary for manufacture and development.

Product Data Management - PDM
What is PDM for?

What for?

Product Data Management (PDM) process is used by many enterprises. This is a subset of a larger concept of product lifecycle management (PLM), which encompasses the processes necessary to launch new products, manage changes to existing and retire products at the end of their life. Product Data Management (PDM) and connected Bill of Materials (BOM) are used in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to plan and coordinate all transactional operations of a company, like: sales order management, purchasing, cost accounting, logistics, etc. Product Data Management (PDM) is a central data base for process and product history, and promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products — including project managers, engineers, sales people, buyers, and quality assurance teams. Product Data Management (PDM) enables automatic reports on product costs, manufacturer of components, time of realizing, etc. Furthermore, PDM enables companies producing complex products to spread product data into the entire Product Lifestyle Management (PLM) launch-process. PDM significantly enhances the effectiveness of the process of launching new products.

For whom is PDM?

For whom?

Product Data Management (PDM) is designed for businesses, who are interested in storing and managing of all products information related to a particular product, which are necessary for manufacture and development and to have all knowledge about the process of creating, launching and manufacturing product, including peoples and teams responsible for chosen tasks and processes. Product Data Management (PDM) as the central database will also manage product related information, such as owner of a file and release status of the components. PDM is responsible also for delivering product information to multi-user and release control on all versions or issues of components in a product involved, build and manipulate the product structure Bill Of Materials (BOM) for assemblies and assist in configurations management of product variants.

How to do it?

How to do it?

It is very easy. The only thing you have to do is to equip your organization in suitable tool for Product Data Management (PDM). There are many software solutions existing on the market, but this is very important to choose a good mark. Looking for a suitable Product Data Management Software you have to concentrate on functionality of user interface and other important features of application, like: 'real-time access', advanced product data management, possibility of integration dates and teams responsible for creating, launching and manufacturing and user friendly interface. You have to get designed software for Product Data Management (PDM).


Where to buy a suitable software?

We would like to invite you to find out some information about FUTURAMO PIM and PDM software. The FUTURAMO PIM - PDM is the unique, real-time access cloud platform designed for intuitive and functional management of every kind of product information, necessary for creating, launching and manufacturing.

FUTURAMO PIM - PDM is the technologically sophisticated cloud system, built as a responsive, world-wide accessible real-time application, which allows teams of professionals to work securely together regardless of time and place. The unique, intuitive and logically structured FUTURAMO PIM - PDM user interface (UI) allows to start managing of every kinds of necessary product dates immediately – no matter the size – hundreds or millions of objects. The included FUTURAMO GTS subsystem enables high-performance multi-users delivering of digital product dates.

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