Product Information Management Software (PIM Software)

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Product Information Management Software (PIM Software)

Organize Product Information Management process in your company.

Product Information Management Software (PIM Software) is a specially designed tool for efficient maintaining and managing of all products information in the assortment and deploy it to multi channels of distribution and multiple media in multi language version. This is a necessary supplement of every ERP System and others - used by a company - business intelligence software solutions, because it concentrates mainly on detailed products information and gives many important tools and support, that are not included and developed in ERP Systems in standard.

There are different software solutions available on the market. But this is very important not only to concentrate on standard features, but to find out what features can make Product Information Management process much easier, efficient and user friendly.

As a special kind of Product Information Management Software (PIM Software) we would like to present the FUTURAMO PIM.

Innovative software

Efficient process of finding, identifying, locating and using your assets.
FUTURAMO Asset Management Software PIM


A specialized state-of-the-art Product Information Management Software

FUTURAMO PIM is a new-generation extensible and highly flexible Product Information Management platform. It is intended for deployments in Private Cloud models as a standalone solution, or on top of the broader FUTURAMO for your Business/Enterprise Private SaaS/Cloud integration platforms. With years of R&D FUTURAMO is one of the most advanced and flexible solutions on the market today.

See the visual presentation of the functionality of our FUTURAMO PIM software.

Futuramo Product Information Management (PIM) Software
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