Summary Dashboard


Summary Dashboard

FUTURAMO PIM software is the unique and innovative solution. The application offers a full support for an easy and efficient managing all product and product groups information in an assortment. The first step is the summary dashboard of FUTURAMO PIM. Using it you have an access to all main information connected with your product assortment in one screen. The innovative user interface of FUTURAMO PIM is specially designed to make all product information clear and easy to search and find. The summary dashboard gives you all necessary basic information, before you start more advanced working. Using summary dashboard of FUTURAMO PIM you have an access to the information like:

  • PRODUCTS – the number of all products in your assortment.
  • CATEGORIES – the number of all product categories in your assortment (the groups your products belong to).
  • CHANNELS – the number of outside media channels to which your product information is distributed.
  • ATTRIBUTES – the number of characteristics that describe your product and product groups.
  • IMPORT – possibility for importing dates to your PIM solution from outside sources of data.

All necessary information is very clear and available on one screen within summary dashboard of FUTURAMO PIM solution.

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